Live Webcam Sex Chat: Top 5 Porn Cam Sites Review

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Hello and welcome, my fellow webcam porn enthusiasts, to my own personal Sex & Chat rating website.

Here you can find my own personal ratings on some of the internet’s most popular and heavily visited websites.

Now I know what you’re thinking, what makes me qualified to go around the internet and judge whether these websites and the many sexy talented cam porn models deserve to have a place on my modest list. Well, beyond just the personal preference and the fact that I do this out of love you can believe me that I do my research. I take into account the models that they host, their pricing, how their UI works, even the audience that also frequent the site, because as I’m sure we both know that the other viewers can also play an important part, especially if they also plan on spending some credits on the same model as you are.

Now I should introduce myself. I’m Thomas Tew, and yes, I am just an everyday type of guy like many of you are as well. I have a day job that takes up most of my time, and the money that I earn while comfortable is not something I like to just throw away, even if I might be throwing them at a gorgeous model willing to do anything for that money. I like to have a budget and know that the money I invest into the credit system in any of these sites is worth it, and that I am well compensated for my money spent, and more than anything that plays a big role in my choice of sites.

All of the sites you will find on the list beyond just being price appropriate will also have proven to have an outstanding model pool, great support that, while rarely required proved to be quick and resourceful, offer HD cam quality and very simple usability of any of the site’s functions.

So without further a due, let’s get into the big Top 5:

#1 LiveJasmin.Com

livejasmin bellavistax hot blonde girllivejasmin DevilssHoney sexy body teen

Now I believe that everyone is very familiar with, it’s a site that has been around for a very long time and is a tested and true provider of amazing models of various backgrounds, ethnicities and orientations. Regardless of your time zone and location, you needn’t worry because of the fact that LiveJasmin is an international website, and it offers amazing service 24/7 without exception, whatever your kink or preference might be you will never leave LiveJasmin dissatisfied as it truly offers an orgasmic experience to whomever is willing enough to go through what seems to be an endless supply of models.

Now let’s talk about some the statistics and numbers that are behind the number one webcam porn site on the internet. LiveJasmin’s rate per minute, if you use their credits for a private show, already starts off at 0.90$. Now that might not be the lowest price out there mind you, but for a site as high class as this one, it is most definitely an acceptable price, especially considering that the site has 50.000 registered Web Cam Models. hold a firm 4.9/5 rating in my books, but don’t take my word for it and go check it out yourselves!

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#2 ImLive.Com

imlive UrCuteSarah firm ass imlive Vanessza cute face

We have another veteran in the industry coming up on the number two spot, and much like with number one, I’m pretty sure many of you have at least glanced at the site if you are not already members. What puts this site apart from the others as well as the main factor why it holds the number two spot in my personal list, is the quality and site functions as well as the fact that has won the AVN and YNOT awards which is no small feat at all, especially when done two years in a row! The highlight of this site is that it is very innovative in the video functions that it offers. I don’t think that I even have to mention that all their performers are under contract to have to offer Full HD Performances, but they also have an interface that lets you record the shows that you are paying for, as well as to move and zoom the camera to a certain degree, which is something that most other sites have yet to follow suit in. is worth at least a 4.6/5 with over 80.000 models and rates starting at 0.98$ per minute, and should definitely be on your list of memberships!

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#3 LivePrivates.Com

camplace KarinASS beautiful eyes camplace maria808692 in chair waiting fuck

We’re on to number three, now while the first two are pretty close to each other in terms of the service, price and the amount of models that they offer. However Here on it’s a bit more obvious that it isn’t a top tier site, however not that it doesn’t have its merits or charms. offer an average sized model pool, they definitely cannot contend with the larger and more established sites such as LiveJasmin or ImLive, however unlike those two sites if you choose to visit you will probably be to have a somewhat cheaper stay and enjoy yourself for less money. Especially if you chose to enjoy some group shows instead of true private you will be able to save yourself quite a descent amount of cash while getting everything you wanted. And in some sense having a smaller model pool isn’t too bad, considering you will probably only be chatting with a few models at a time, you will still have your hands full for quite some time. I believe has earn its 4.2 rating, it has an impeccable site design, cheap prices and an average model selection, so make sure to drop by and see for yourself.

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#4 Sexier.Com

sexier BarbyGold young teen girl sexier xxxHotAnyaxxx sexy glass

We’re up on number four on our list, and this one is still more on par with the first two, and actually offers a much larger model pool. By the numbers that I have seen, actually offers about 70.000 registered models, which if you remember, is just between LiveJasmin and ImLive. However why it doesn’t follow those two sites right away is their pricing. While the design of the site is as functional as anyone could want it to be and yes, their bottom rate is actually as low as 0.88$ more often than not you can find the models requiring more credits to enter their true private, so while it is large and fully functional it is a bit more on the pricey side, this is the main reason why it was bumped down to the number 4 spot. A very positive thing to mention however is that actually has a dedicated Customer Support department, and as far Customer Support is concerned they are definitely high rated in that regard. hold a firm 4.0 rating, mainly due to their price range, however if you are okay with spending a bit of extra cash for their very large model pool and excellent customer support where you know you will be taken care of this is definitely a great choice for you.

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#5 MyCams.Com

mycams PurexInnocence big ass mycams CelineLotus blond eyes

And we’re down to number five ladies and gentleman, and I’ll give the spot of honorable mention to This site is what you might expect from the less mainstream webcam model sites, it’s definitely subpar to the other four above, however that’s why it’s probably the cheapest one out there. It offers a smaller model pool as well, however also a more dynamic one, simply because there is no contract required with the site, anyone can open up an account and become a performer, how much they work is how much they will earn. If you are more into an amateur model site feel, that offers cheaper rates than any of the other more mainstream sites, then is definitely the place for you. It is functional, stable, the UI is simple and easy to use and the models are friendly especially if you’re spending credits. A very solid site for the user on a budget. I believe deserves a 3.5 rating, as nothing is really lacking from the site, it’s definitely accessible as far as budget required, it offers a modest model pool and the site is user friendly, with time they can potentially grow into something even better.

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But that’s not all folks, we have another section here that I believe will be of great interest to all of you horny viewers and readers. I know that many of you here reading are all here for the same thing, but looking for a different aspect of it. Some of you love solo girls with big tits, some enjoy couples, Asian girls, gay guys, shemales maybe? Who knows. Tastes are diverse, and needs are many, but don’t you worry, most of these sites that I have mentioned indeed offer whatever your dirty thoughts seem to dwell on, so let’s share some stories shall we?

Asian Webcam

I don’t know about you guys, but Asians can be quite a treat for me, and I do have a specific type as well, so when I can go through one of these webcam sex chat sites and find myself a gorgeous and busty Asian honey, I know that my night is going to be getting better. More than a few of the sites that I have mentioned have a great offer as far as Asian models go, and I have enjoyed more than a few nights with them, even specific as my needs are I have found countless models that fit my description, and I’m sure you will too.

Teen Webcam

The barely legal sections, I have to say the intricate and sexy phenomenon of finding a teen girl that just turned 18 and is already ready to show off her sexy developing body on camera is always a lot of fun. Especially when many of the times these young girls seem to be much more experienced than some of the older models. I suppose it helps if you were a high school slut for free, now getting paid to show off your curves and masturbate on cam is only a step up, and these teen girls own that and love what they do.

Lesbian Webcam

Now I know that many of you guys and girls out there love some one on one girl on girl action am I right? Maybe even lesbians threesomes? I suppose it doesn’t matter in actual number, simply because when girls enjoy girls it’s always a pleasure to enjoy that show. There’s just something magical about the way women enjoy each other’s bodies and how sensually they make love to each other, and these sites have some great models that will make all your dreams come true. Don’t take my word for it, look up some of these models and enjoy a few nights with these lesbians, you will keep coming, and coming back, and cumming again and again, same way I did.

Gay Webcam

Now it wouldn’t be fair if I were to mention the lovely same sex ladies if I didn’t mention the guys as well right? Don’t worry gay guy lovers out there, there’s always something for you on these webcam sites. And trust me it’s no small selection either, the amount of male gay performers is probably one of the largest markets out there, the demand is endless, and so is the supply. Whether you are looking for solo performers, or guys that are ready to pound each other’s assholes for credits, you can find just about anything you want, and enjoy your nights the way you want to with these horny ripped models.

MILF Webcam

Let’s talk about the more mature sections of these sites. I know we all enjoy a sexy older mom, with gigantic tits and ass to die for showing off her extensive toy collection that she has gotten over the years in milf webcam. These milfs, probably divorced their husbands because they never knew how to treat such an exquisite and sexy woman like her, and now both search for their sexual rebirth as well as a way to sustain themselves without a man, decided to show off their bodies and sell their orgasms online for credits. Trust me when I tell you that you should definitely drop by some of these mature ladies at top milf cam and give them some love, they will definitely give it right back.

Shemale Webcam

Of course there are some tranny lovers here too if I am not mistaken. Don’t worry I wasn’t planning to leave your niche off the list, I would never be so cruel. If someone loves a cock attached to their tits then many of these sites also offer a Tranny/Shemale subsection where you can find everything that your twisted desires could possibly want. Many of these performers come to these sites to show off their transformed bodies simply because they know that many of the people that would enjoy watching them are more comfortable doing it through the online medium, and as such always respect the viewer’s privacy and are simply there to satisfy all of your fantasies.

Couple Webcam

Having some fun with the solo babes is always fun, but when you’re looking for some live straight pounding, then you don’t have to look much further. There are countless couples simply waiting for you to make their sexual adventures even more fun by having them earn money by doing it, satisfying themselves and you at the same time. And there are couples of various ethnicities, backgrounds, shapes, sizes, age differences and with various kinks. Whether you’re looking for anal poundings, BDSM, rope fun, I’m pretty sure that some of these couples are made just for you and your various ideas, so don’t waste any more time and go check them out!

Porn Stars Webcam

And last, but most certainly not least, we have the Porn Stars. These sites offer a wide variety of professional models that are set to be doing this for a living, girls that enhance their image and appearance specifically to satisfy those horny monsters inside you, wanting those perfect big tits, tight asses, and porn star makeup and hair. Not only do they look like your wildest dreams could only imagine, but they are also trained and experienced performers that live to have your orgasms be caused by their performances. So if you’re into the more mainstream description of hot and orgasmic, this might just be the place for you to spend all your time and money.

That would be about everything from me ladies and gentlemen. I hope you found my list helpful and that it helps you find exactly what you are looking for, and I’m certain that with a bit of research it will not prove hard at all.

If you see me hanging out in one of your rooms give me a shout and let’s have some fun together and spread some love and credits so we can keep it interesting and hot!

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