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It was just another boring day, but I was feeling much hornier than usual. No one knew about my sexual preferences, and my lust for sexy gay boys. To be honest, I’m not interested in chatting with young nasty teen girl or mature lady with huge tits.

I gave gay boy webcam chat roulette a chance, but it wasn’t the greatest experience. I was very turned on and determined to make tonight’s masturbation session something special.

With no time to waste, I quickly began my search by browsing through all kinds of different websites I found on Google. I was surprised on how many gay roulette webcam sites actually existed. For a moment I almost felt like giving up, not being able to quickly find what I was aching for.

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It occurred to me that maybe I need to slightly refine my search. So I did, and hitting enter after typing “sexy gay webcam models” it appeared that I was on the right track of finding what I was longing for.

There were so many live gay webcam studs online! It felt so dirty, but yet so exciting and thrilling to be able to watch all these handsome hunks posing half naked with their bulges extruding, showing just enough skin for my imagination to do the rest of the work.


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Finally I ran across a website called, that looked the most appealing to me at the moment. There were plenty of categories to choose from, of course I was only interested in younger boyish gay performers. What I found extremely helpful was the ability to filter all these sexy models by their age, fetishes, ethnicity, body type and so on. By now I was getting really excited, because it seemed as though I have found the perfect place where I can completely relax and enjoy myself, without having to worry about anyone judging me and my sexual desires. It was all around eye candy, the men were all hot and muscular, I could feel the blood in my veins begin to flow faster and faster. If there was a paradise on Earth at that moment, I was in it.


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One particular thing immediately caught my attention, and it was something the website referred to as “Muscle Gods”. It seemed a bit over the top, and not something that sounded worth checking out. But I was already there, horny and in a mood to explore all possibilities. So I clicked to see what Muscle Gods exactly are. One simple click of the mouse’s button has literally changed my life for the better. I could not believe what I was seeing, and the feelings that flowed through me in that moment. I was overcome with sheer lust and an overwhelming desire to fully embrace my sexuality, and enjoy life to the fullest.

The person that first came up after my life changing click was a guy that goes by the name of hotfit4u, not the most creative names I suppose, but just one look at his ripped muscular body and gorgeous face, I fell in love. He truly was a God in every sense of the word. And I was in luck, the man I was lusting over appeared online just as I was sitting there admiring his big tight muscles and pretty face. I immediately opened the video stream, and he looked even better there. Smiling, full of confidence and flirting with his obviously loyal audience. It was apparent I wasn’t the only gay man who found this amazing muscle God sexy. With every moment I felt my penis getting harder and harder, watching the guy of my dreams being sweet talked to by other guys, who were probably just as turned on as I was. I have finally found the handsome gay boy webcam model I was looking for.


I decided to send him a message and see if he notices me at all. So I quickly wrote a line that probably resembled something a teenager would say. What can I say? I felt rejuvenated and at that given moment, I was probably even hornier than a teenager. Unfortunately my message went unnoticed. Which did bother me, because he was communicating and flirting with the other people in the room.

I was desperate for his attention! Just to know that a dreamy guy like him would even notice someone like me. Then I noticed I was only appearing as a Guest user, followed by a few random numbers after it. I found out that I needed to register an account in order to use a nickname of my choice. Maybe that’s why my hunky man didn’t respond to me. I quickly decided to register, and it was a breeze. No nonsense, and anyone who has signed up for any website will have no issues on this one. Once registered, I opened his profile again. This time around I noticed he took his time to fill out some information on his page. He was 24 years old, with a 23cm cock, with a willingness to please and he stated cum play and fisting as his fetishes, amongst other things.


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I couldn’t believe what I was reading! This young gay man was getting better by the minute. Everything I read about him, and every subtle move he made on webcam porn chat show made me want him even more. I of course always knew I was gay, but this was an experience that made me realize I should do something about it. It was time to get in touch with my inner self and enjoy who I am.

Armed with a new nickname, that will hopefully catch his attention, I go back once again to write something in his chatroom. I tried my best to sound witty and not too desperate. Just as I sent him the message, I see him stand up from the chair and beginning to move away. Again, I thought my virtual advances will go unnoticed. Just as he almost disappeared from the frame, it was clear something caught his attention, and he reached out his arms and it seemed as though he was typing. He was doing exactly that, and to my surprise he was talking to me! At this point I felt precum oozing out of my dick, but I also felt like I shouldn’t rush myself.

I anxiously waited for a couple of minutes for him to return. I was playing it cool, and once he got back I replied to his original message. He was very polite, and this was a quality I always appreciated in all people. His dreamy smile, combined with his gentle approach and amazing body would make him the focal point of all gay men’s fantasies, i’m sure. It was right about this time when I realized that he would potentially chat with me in private if I played my cards right, and of course if I was willing to part with a little money. I couldn’t have cared less about the cash. All I wanted was to have some fun, and nothing was going to stop me.

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In a hurry I researched some of the terms on the website, and it appeared legitimate enough for me to enter my credit card number with the peace of mind that I was secure. All the while I was still chatting with my naughty muscle God hotfit4u, but it was hard to compete with all the other people battling for his attention. He let everyone know how much a private webcam show costs, so there were no misunderstandings whatsoever. Sessions that lasted longer than 30 minutes were just 0.20$!

My heart was racing, and my penis was throbbing when I finally contacted him for a private session with me. With the sexiest smile ever he accepted my offer. In a few moments there were we, left all alone to ourselves. I was really nervous as I kept devouring his delicious tight body with my gaze. He asked if I could turn on my webcam so he could see who he was talking with. That threw me off for a second, but without too much hesitation I turned on the webcam on my end, only to hear him say words that i’ll never forget – “Hey handsome”. As he said that in a cheeky flirtatious tone, with the most seductive smile I have ever seen, I was hooked. I wasted no more time, and politely asked if I could see more of his hot muscular body. He indulged me in a moment’s notice, as he slowly took off his tight boxer shorts. What he exposed was the single largest and sexiest penis I have ever seen. I couldn’t take it anymore, and I whipped our my erection as well and began masturbating, not taking my eyes off him. He kept stroking his manhood and observing me until his enormous cock stood there rock hard in all its wonderful glory. I was speechless, the sheer lust that I’ve been overcome with made me unable to react to anything, all I wanted was the sweet release of an orgasm as I watched my dream gay boy jerk off for me. Then he also told me some awesome masturbation techniques that I’ve never known before!

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Before I knew it, our chat roulette session was over, and he blew me a kiss that I will forever cherish, even though it was just a virtual one. As I said earlier, this was a life changing experience, not because of this one time webcam session with a handsome man, rather the realization that I need to fully embrace myself and live life to the fullest. And for this, I will be always grateful to this sexy boy who calls himself hotfit4u.