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My wife just went to bed, and I was finally left all by myself. I spent the whole afternoon and evening thinking about how I was going to rub one off before going to sleep, and that time has finally come. I sought after young lesbian webcam girls, and after a few minutes of going back and forth on Yahoo, it seemed as though I have found what I was seeking.

There’s something special about nude lesbian girls, I could never really put my finger on what that exactly was, I only knew how much they had the ability to turn me on. During some of my previous searches that were interrupted because of my wife, I never seemed to find exactly the right website for me. After many tries, it looks as though I have developed a knack for searching the right terms on Yahoo.

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I finally landed on a website that specializes in nude webcams, Straight off the bat I see a few amazing looking teen girls! For a moment I was thinking this looks too good to be true, surely these women can’t be this freaking hot, can they? I’ve visited my fair share of websites that constantly try to cheat their visitors out of money, or simply lead them to a targeted site, or potentially infect a computer with all sorts of nasty viruses. So far this seemed more than legitimate, and I didn’t have the feeling I was a victim waiting to happen. Not even a pop-up appeared, and anyone who has visited websites with adult content knows how bothersome they can be.

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I quickly registered an account with my preferred handle, and continued browsing this sexy webcam site. By now I have opened a few streams and profiles and these ladies were real and the pictures certainly didn’t lie about their looks. I was getting a little excited by now.

Here I was sitting in front of the computer with a half erect cock while my dear frigid wife was asleep in bed. It almost felt like I was about to have an affair. A steaming hot secretive affair where I unload all of my built up sexual frustrations. I proceeded the search for my perfect lesbian coed webcam model. As I was always attracted to curvy ladies, I found it surprising that I was able to filter out the performers by their age, kinks and fetishes, hair color and body type. Sure enough, under the body type section “curvy” there was one girl, and I wasted no time clicking on it.

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It was a performer by the name of LesboSecrets, and judging by her pictures she looked average, but cute never the less. I checked out her profile, and after reading it all, I did grow more fond of her. She seemed honest and genuine, which isn’t often the case with these profiles. She was a 24 year old bisexual college student, who has experiences with both men and women. I immediately found that to be extremely hot! I was imagining her being kissed by a fellow woman, as she gently gasped and ran her fingers down her partner’s body. I still had plenty of time before I needed to go to bed, and I knew by now that tonight I was going to blow a load of epic proportions.

I opened up her stream, and there she was! The girl I was fantasizing about a few minutes ago in front of my eyes, smiling. I realized the pictures I saw of her didn’t do her justice at all. She was much more attractive on cam, she really had charisma and a personality that must have gotten her plenty of attention in the past. She seemed easy going, innocent on occasion when her gaze wandered off somewhere and it was clear she was day dreaming. There really was something romantic about this lesbian college webcam model. I asked in the chatroom what she was thinking about when her thoughts obviously strayed. She giggled, and it was the cutest little laugh I have heard in a long time. She told me she was thinking about sunbathing on an exotic island with her sensual sexy lover by her, as they drank cocktails all day long and made sweet love to each other during the nights.

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This really made me like her even more, because she was becoming a real person in my mind, and not just an object for my pleasure. She was a gentle soul, and her exotic island fantasy reminded me of my honeymoon with my wife. We had sex each and every night, and whenever we could during the day. And here I was going more than a year without any sex. I felt my penis harden with each second of watching and listening to this amazing young creature on my computer screen.

It seemed as though she was getting a little bored, and I certainly didn’t want her to leave just yet. So I asked her how we could arrange a private session, and if she is at all interested. She politely replied that she is often available for private nude shows. This is when she said something that made my jaws drop to the ground. She let me know that a friend of hers will be coming over later tonight. At first I wasn’t sure what to think of it, perhaps she was trying to tell me that a private webcam porn session was off the table for tonight. I couldn’t have been more wrong. A lesbian lover of hers was visiting and she said I could watch them if her friend was in the mood for it.

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I was praying that her close friend wouldn’t mind, because this would be a dream come true. Two amazing women making tender love to each other, while I watched on and devoured them with my lustful gaze. She said her friend would be over soon, so I decided to wait, no matter how long it would take. I was not about to miss out on this chance just because I was getting up early for work. Sure enough, after about thirty minutes, her friend arrived. I couldn’t see her in the frame yet, but it was apparent they were talking to one another.

I was beginning to feel a little inpatient by now, so I messaged her in the chatroom asking if anything special was going to happen tonight. She looked away from the camera, obviously waiting for an answer from her lover. She turned back, and with the cheekiest smile I have ever seen, nodded in approval. This was it! Even though it wasn’t physically happening in front of me, this was the hottest thing that has happened to me in years.

We quickly arranged a private webcam session, and on how much it would cost me. I always thought that paying for any kind of sexual pleasure would be a turn off, but after years of being in a stale marriage with absolutely no excitement, I didn’t care about the transaction part of it at all. Finally her friend appeared in front of the camera, and I have to say, she looked even hotter than LesboSecrets. What she lacked in charisma she definitely made up with stunning good looks!

They began to kiss in front of me, as they gently caressed each other’s cheeks and faces. I have already slid my hand down my pants and began slowly teasing myself. The sexy college girl noticed that I was touching myself, and told me if I wanted to show off my penis I could. After all, she was bisexual, so she liked cocks too. I positioned the camera to capture me whole, and I pulled down my pants only for my monster cock to spring out. They both giggled and smiled, and proceeded to touch each other. Before I knew it, they were completely naked and rubbing each other’s moist pussies. I tried to synchronize their hand movements with mine as I was jerking off. LesboSecrets turned towards the camera, and in a moment of obvious overwhelming lust she commented on my cock by saying – “You’ve got such a beautiful big cock!” It wasn’t just what she said, it was the way she said it. I missed feeling what it’s like being lusted after, and this felt so damn good!

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They laid down on the bed, but positioned the camera in a way I was be able to see everything. Her friend spread out her legs, exposing her shaved pussy, enticing her lover to eat out her aching pussy. The moment those lips touched her lover’s clitoris and labia, I was in disbelief. I stopped jerking off, but that didn’t stop me from having the most intense orgasm i’ve ever experienced. I shot my load all over the keyboard, and kept watching these two amazing girls have the hottest lesbian sex I could have ever imagined.

Unfortunately I had to end the session quickly after that, as heard a faint sound coming from the bedroom. I cleaned up and got all my clothes back in place, but kept watching for another minute or two before I left for good. All I can say is that this curvy lesbian pierced girl made me feel wanted again, and it’s a feeling I rejoiced in.