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I am someone who likes to unwind with my hobbies. After the day’s labors have come to a close I like to go to my private study, relax and forget about the rest of the world.

One of those hobbies is watching hot pornstar webcam shows and fine naked ladies in various other types of adult entertainment. On one such evening, I had the fortune of living out a fantasy many people have had.

And I’m going to share with you just how I got to live out the fantasy of directing an actual pornstar for my own pleasure.

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Ryder Skye

Chat with hot pornstars in live webcam show

It began as a typical evening, browsing through the world of internet erotica, looking for something stimulating. There were millions of images and clips at my disposal, but it wasn’t really appealing to me. I was in the mood for something different. I remembered that old favorite of mine, live webcam porn shows in http://www.camabc.com. My experiences with them were generally positive, except for one or two mishaps, but those were amateur sites run by people who didn’t really know what they were doing. I heard from a friend who also liked live webcam entertainment that pornstars were appearing more and more on offering private shows. Naturally intrigued to see one of my favorite vixens in action I entered ‘pornstar webcam’ into Google and began my search.

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Elle Cee

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Again I was met with an overwhelming amount of results. A lot of which were not streaming site, but porn. A few pages later the streaming sites were starting to come up. Some were offering scams, as I would expect from the internet, so I turned to message boards and review sites. While there is an astounding amount of information available thanks to the internet, that convenience can be a problem from time to time when you are looking for something specific. With a little research, I had tracked down several confirmed webcam sites that do indeed have some well-known pornstars performing on their website. I went through them one by one, some were overpriced, others I didn’t much like the interface, but then I came across Imlive.com, a leading live webcam website in the industry.

From the get-go I liked what I saw. It had a simple, relaxing design, no flashing sponsor or adds suffocating the page, nor was I being bombarded by their hottest models and offers to immediately sign up. I was instead greeted by the cam girls page. It was simple and to the point. Most people probably come for cam girls so naturally it would be the very first thing you see. I played around a bit by looking into the free chats and seeing what their models were up to. I had to admit they had a fine choice of babes available on the site. From young to mature webcam, from innocent looking cam teens to experienced dommes, ImLive seemed to have it all.

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Mai Ly

Chat with hot pornstars in live webcam show

But it wasn’t just my opinion that these guys had their act together. If you would take a look, the only floating banner they have is for their own websites. And it proudly displays that this year they won the AVN award for Best Live Chat Website. This wasn’t their first award mind you. No, this one was actually their third award from the porn Oscars or AVN. Along with their two YNOT awards, ImLive was certainly being acknowledged by the adult entertainment industry for their work. This was giving me hope that ImLive would offer me just what I was looking for. So I headed over to the ‘Celebrity Pornstar’ section. There was I not disappointed, in fact, I was blown away.

In their pornstar section the people at ImLive had succeeded in attracting some well-known pornstars from the past and present. And not just female pornstars, no, they had male and shemale celebrity pornstars as well. Some were here that had pulled back from the porn world altogether, others were here while still being active in the porn world. It was great. I remember jerking off to more than a couple of these lovely ladies. And the thought of interacting with them and directing them what to do via webcam was an exciting thought. Sure the price was higher for pornstar webcams but you’re getting to actually talk and interact with hotties that have appeared in your favorite adult movies. And that’s priceless to some of us. I took some time and explored a few of the profiles.

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Lisa Marie

Unlike the other cam girls, the celebrity pornstar profiles were done a little differently. The profiles were organized like mini interviews, covering topics like their expertise, favorite scene, how they got started in the adult industry and so on. It was fun going through the pictures and seeing the videos they’ve uploaded. This was just what I was looking for. I had a very good feeling this website would be a great source of entertainment for me in the future. I went to the registration section and signed myself up for an account. I knew the celebrity pornstar section was probably the most expensive webcam section on ImLive, but hey, where else could you have verified access to your favorite pornstars and women you’ve fantasized, possibly for years? I finished the registration, which was very easy to fill out, my information was checked relatively quickly and I bought a lot of credits. I didn’t want to run out of credits in the middle of a private chat after all.

After all that was said and done, I had to choose a pornstar to have a chat with. Like a kid in the candy store, it wasn’t the easiest decision to make. The first reason being the babes in this section were top notch and had professional experience in adult entertainment. The second reason was that I knew this session was going to cost me so I didn’t want to waste a lot of cash on something I would end up regretting.  The pornstars offered discounts and other things via their profiles, some even mentioned their own websites. I wasn’t the only one looking for a pornstar to chat with given the fact that when one showed up online in a matter of minutes she was already booked for a private session. I waited around to see who would come online and I just happened to catch Sunrise Adams.

sunrise adams smiling with huge tits

Chat with sexy and naughty pornstar Sunrise Adams

I remembered her when was starting out, a cute blonde girl from Texas with great tits and smooth dick sucking skills. She quickly moved up from amateur porn to working with famous companies like Vivid Entertainment. Sunrise Adams had some intense scenes and also enhanced her boobs to a massive size. Recalling her hot hardcore scenes and sticky facials, I immediately booked her. I was so excited about getting to talk to her, and the show that would follow. Not wanting to scare her off I followed the golden rule of webcam hosts and behaved myself. She was very approachable and happy and shined a brilliant smile. I was a bit nervous, I admitted I was a fan of her work, to which she smiled and said she always enjoys interacting with her fans. We chatted for a while, she was very fun to talk to. I asked her about her career, favorite scenes, a funny story about something that happened at work, and type of things.

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The conversation naturally progressed into flirting. I wanted to see her luscious body so I suggested she get more comfortable. She agreed and took off her clothes bit by bit. It was as good as I had imagined, better even. Her amazing boobs looked even better when there was nothing covering them. She groped them and had a naughty look in her eyes. She, of course, knew how to pose for the camera. She asked if that was what I wanted to see, I said ‘oh yeah’. She sucked and licked her delicious knockers, driving me wild in the process. I asked if she had some toys to play with to which she responded that she had a lot of toys she liked to play with. She put a big toy between her boobs and started sucking on it. She only stopped to speak dirty things like ‘you’d love to have your dick between my soft big boobs and in my hot mouth, wouldn’t you’, any sane man would.

The excitement continued as she took off her shorts. She was sucking on the dildo with the help of one hand and with the other she was caressing her tasty pussy. I was also stroking myself while enjoying her sensual show. The lovely Sunrise then started poking her cunt with her favorite toy. Slow at first but then the rhythm picked up. She kept the naughty comments and moaning flowing while she was plugging her hungry pussy. It made me more and more excited. By the end, she was nearly screaming with her furious pussy dildoing. I came and so did she. We were both sweaty and panting from the hot masturbation session.

sunrise adams sexy body in live cam

Chat with sexy and naughty pornstar Sunrise Adams

After our great session we talked a bit more, I thanked her for her dedicated show and that I was looking forward to seeing her again. She was glad that I enjoyed myself and also said she hoped to meet up again on ImLive. I did end up returning a few more times, and I’ve never regretted spending a single dollar on her. After all a pornstar does offer a better experience than any other webcam girl I had the pleasure of watching. And thanks to her great show I’ll probably be enjoying her services for as long as she offers them.